The Renaissance Society of America Virtual 2021 Meeting : deux sessions organisées par la Society for the History of Collecting, 13 avril 2021 (en ligne)

Session I: Collecting and Display of Small, Portable Objects (15th–17th Century): Dynasties and Politics

April 13, 2021

10–11:30 am EDT

Monitor/Chair: Sophia Quach McCabe, University of California, Santa Barbara


Ivo Raband, University of Hamburg

Cameos, Medals, Rings, Portraits: Objects as Memorabilia in the Collection of Archduke Ernest of Austria

Vanessa Chaise-Brun, University of Reims

The Cult of King Charles the Martyr and the Importance of Materiality: Reading, Collecting, Mourning

Rebecca Arnheim, Boston University

Designing Florentine Likeness: Portrait Drawings in the Collection of the Medici Grand Dukes

Session II: Collecting and Display of Small, Portable Objects (15th–17th Century): Translations and Transformations

April 13, 2021

12–1:30 pm EDT

Monitor/Chair: Ludovic Jouvet, Université de Bourgogne


Léonard Pouy, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

The Institutionalization of Royal Crown Jewels Collection in Early Modern Europe (1530–1691)

Sophie Rhodes, University of Cambridge

Oil Paintings ’translated into English lymning’: Peter Oliver’s Miniature Copies in King Charles I’s Cabinet

Yichieh Shih, University of Geneva

Making Handsome-Faces: Unfired Clay Portrait Figures by Chinese Artists for 17th-Century European Travellers

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